Steak meal

Every meal with rice(if you dine in restaurant, miso soup as well)
MENU Discription Picture Price
Seafood steak steak & seafood cooked with teriyaki sauce $21.80
Teriyaki steak steak with teriyaki $19.80
Miso steak steak with miso & ginger sauce $19.80
Teppan steak steak with vinegar & miso sauce $19.80
Japanese style
lime steak
steak with soy sauce & lime $19.80
Spicy steak steak with spicy sauce $19.80
Garlic butter steak steak cooked with butter and garlic sauce $19.80
Wasabi steak steak served with japanese mustard sauce $19.80
Ginger steak steak with ginger sauce $19.80
Steak-don steak and vege tempura on top of rice(you can choose any flavor of steak) $18.00