MENU Discription Picture Price
Kimuchi pickled spicy chinese cabbage $4.00
Takoyaki Deep fried buttered octpus balls $6.80
"pork dumpling"
6 pieces of steam pork dumpling
Edamame boiled japanese green soy beans with slightly salt $4.00
Ginger chicken deep fried chicken with ginger sauce $8.80
steamed chicken steamed chicken with ginger & garlic sauce $8.80
Isobe Age battered & fried fishcakes $6.80
Agedashi Tofu fried tofu in japaniese wine sauce $6.80
Small beef teriyaki thin beef in teriyaki sauce $12.80
Crumbed prawn crumbed prawn with japanese BBQ sauce $6.80
Crumbed cuttlefish curmbed cuttlefish with japanese BBQ sauce $8.80
Baby octopus karaage battered & fried baby octopus with chili and mayonnaise $8.80
Grilled octopus grilled pctopus with chili & mayonnaise $8.80
Cheese tempura fried vegitable & fishcake with cheese $8.80
Salmon sashimi sliced rare salmon $12.80
Pepper tataki beef rare cooked papper corn beef with soy & vinegar sauce $12.80