Chicken meal

Every meal with rice(if you dine in restaurant, miso soup as well)
MENU Discription Picture Price
Teriyaki chicken chicken fillet soaked in teriyaki sauce $12.80
Teppan chicken diced chicken cooked with vinegar & miso sauce $12.80
Chicken katsu fried crumbed chicken cutlet with japanese BBQ sauce $12.80
Chicken katsu-don Chicken katsu cooked with egg on top of the rice $12.80
Oyako-don chicken & egg cooked with sweet soy sauce on top of rice $12.80
Karaage deep fried marinated chicken $12.80
Spicy chicken chicken cooked with spicy sauce(you can choose mild or hot) $12.80
Sweet and
sour chicken
deep fried chicken with sweet and sour sauce $12.80
Garlic chicken chicken cooked with garlic and onion soy sauce sauce $12.80
Chicken katsu curry chicken katsu with japanese curry $12.80
Garlic chicken
fried rice
fried rice with chicken soaked garlic soy sauce $12.80
yakiyori skewers of chicken grilled with teriyaki sauce $12.80